Accepting Your Soul’s Call

Acknowledging the call to your soul is scary. As you are pulled inward, the process seems confusing and leaves you feeling detached and disconnected to who you thought you were becoming. As you follow the breadcrumbs; however, you come to understand your soul’s call as an invitation exceeding all expectations and best laid plans.  Continue reading “Accepting Your Soul’s Call”

How To Say No & Feel Good About It

You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So, you simply go along with the flow. As a people pleaser, you become everyone’s yes man. But, it’s high time your feelings begin to matter, and you learn how to say no and feel good about it without all the guilt. Boundaries have considerable value. Boundaries instructContinue reading “How To Say No & Feel Good About It”

Signs You Are on The Wrong Path in Life

Life is standardized. You follow all the traditional norms and expectations. But what if you just don’t subscribe to group mentality. Could participation in a one-size fit all lifestyle be signs you are on the wrong path in life? Perhaps, this just isn’t you. You are feeling a pull to make a change and facingContinue reading “Signs You Are on The Wrong Path in Life”

Established Pathways Connect to Success Faster

Sure, you can watch a YouTube video and certainly take on a DIY project to get you where you want to be. But a quick search on Google will only give you the tip of the iceberg. Taking shortcuts for instant gratification will only move you but so far. Next year, you might be inContinue reading “Established Pathways Connect to Success Faster”

Financial Struggle and a Scarcity Mindset

You are waiting on your next paycheck, but the money is already spent. You are stressed and exhausted from the worry of it all. What you don’t realize is financial struggle involves the root cause of a scarcity mindset. What Is a Scarcity Mindset? A scarcity mindset is a self-limiting belief about your potential. YouContinue reading “Financial Struggle and a Scarcity Mindset”