How Karma Can Empower You

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What’s the big deal about Karma? You hear the word all the time and its often propagated as a warning. Be careful of the energy you put out into the universe as it will surely return to you, whether it is good or bad, conscious, or unconscious. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg and generally invokes a sense of punishment. Let’s take a deeper look at how karma can empower and serve you.

The broader concept known so well is connected to the universal law of cause and effect. Karma, however, is a focus on your actions. When you understand and then embrace how to use the energy of karma you can consciously harness your power through deliberate and effective action.

Karma can empower you through action.

Law of Cause & Effect: Your Power to Choose Your Own Experience

This law is the most basic and popular of them all mainly stating you reap what you sow. Think of it as planting your essence via thoughts, feelings, desires, and intentions for future growth and manifestation into your reality.

Manifestation is the visibility and embodiment of your internal being and intangible energy. You get to experience what you plant and manifest. This can be seen as your opportunity to actively and consciously choose your own experience, knowing your internal world in a physical sense.

Law of Creation: Your Power to Co-Create

You have a role to play. Once you plant your seeds you must nurture them with action. The universe will support you by sending resources and opportunities your way. Your power lies in your participation.

Putting your talents, gifts, abilities, and strengths to good use benefits all involved. Through the law of creation, you uplift and contribute to the world. Co-creation is powerful as your actions makes things happen for you and others as well.

Law of Humility: Your Power to Strengthen Yourself

Humility allows you to practice accuracy and see things as is. When you focus solely on external accomplishments as validation of your capabilities, you tend to overestimate and develop a false perception upon current circumstances.

Embracing wholeness and acknowledging the other side of the coin permits you to learn from mistakes and limitations and strengthen yourself. You appreciate these moments in your life to direct and improve your actions. Your actions become more effective thorough the law of humility.

Looking at the other side of the coin is a way that karma can empower you.

Law of Growth: Your Power to Evolve

Everything starts within you! As within, so without. The law of growth tells you that as you make changes and advance within, your external reality also changes and advances as a result. Both spaces grow simultaneously.

All measures taken towards personal development and healing contributes to your overall expansion. The power to execute a rapid shift depends on your ability to focus on your internal growth.

Law of Responsibility: Your Power to Own Your Story

This is a big one. Everyone has a story to tell and it’s not all peaches and cream. Taking ownership of your story releases you from guilt and shame. You can then retrieve any lost fragments of you by owning the part you play in every situation you experience. Blaming others is not an option. The power to change anything is inherit in your willingness to look inward and own what is mirrored back to you in your life’s story.

Law of Connection: Your Power to Create Long Term Effects

Picture this! The law of connection is like a domino effect. Each domino or act is linked in part and in whole to the past, present, and future. All your actions count as each one has a part to play in the grand scheme of things. So, if you think your behavior doesn’t matter, think again.

All actions count. From the least to the greatest, each act is meaningful, substantial, and consequential. Each manifested act is significant with an impact to influence and lead to the next step.

Can you picture all those dominos? This means, what you do has far-reaching effects. You have the capacity to structure your past, present, future and ultimately who you become.

Law of Focus: Your Power to Get Things Done Fast

The law of focus is twofold. The first benefit is that you cannot focus on more than one thought at a time.  Your attention may go to the next thing, and the next thing, and then the next. However, your focus can only hold one. Therefore, if in this moment, you consciously choose to focus on peace you cannot focus on lower vibes at the same time. Lower vibes cannot infiltrate unless you hold space for it. Choose carefully.

Second, contrary to belief, you can only accomplish one thing at a time. Being a multitasking machine is a false sense of bravado. You are only giving a short amount of time to multiple tasks. Using the law of focus allows you to have laser focus from beginning to end and actually complete the task at hand. Putting all your focus into one thing, now that’s how you get things done fast. Otherwise, you become a scatter brain. This technique slows you down and makes you less effective.

Law of Hospitality & Giving: Your Power to Realize Your Beliefs

This law puts you to the test and asks you to show the receipts. In essence, your inner beliefs must be aligned with your outer expression. Here you can give to others by practicing what you believe in. You are demonstrating all that you have learned along the way in your life’s journey.

Now is the time to use your efforts to create the circumstances and environment that clearly reflect your deepest beliefs. If you believe in reducing hunger and poverty, for example, the universe will give you opportunities to give assistance to those in need of food and shelter. Participating in the law of hospitality and giving authorizes you the power to manifest your most treasured values and live them out.

“Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the now.”

Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Law of Here & Now: Your Power to Seize the Moment

Karma is action and action can only occur in the present moment. Your power lies in seizing the opportunity inherit in this very instant. Change takes place now, not later and not in the past.

Your past is only available to you as data for learning purposes and applicable to what you can do now to make change. Your future should be used as a guide for visioning and direction which drives your steps towards your dreams and goals. Obsessing over the future without action breeds worry and anxiety and the perception of doom.

Your word for today is… “Do”.

With time, karma can empower you.

Law of Change: Your Power to Redirect Your Path

The law of change is for the times when you are resistant to change. Time and time again, the universe will send you similar situations as a do over. It is an opportunity to make a different choice that better serves you.

If you have not learned your lesson and continue to make the same choices, it makes sense that history will repeat itself. Thus, you are stuck in a cycle perpetuated by none other than you. If you want to see change, you must make a change, be it your attitude and beliefs, choices, and behavior.

Law of Patience & Reward: Your Power to Build Endurance

Patience is the acceptance of the bumps in the road as you participate in the process that leads to reward and success. Inevitably, you will face delay, problems, and difficulties that have the capacity to distract you. Nonetheless, you need to persevere and continue despite challenges. Know that you are simply working it through, molding and refining skills.

For most people, waiting on the reward is the most difficult part and facing any obstacles becomes an easy out. This law says all reward requires time, patience, and perseverance. True joy comes from keeping your focus on enjoying the process, or the time required for the reward to come into fruition.

Knowing this, you can cultivate the quality of patience to better arm yourself when going through the organic process towards accomplishing your goals.

Law of Inspiration & Importance: Your Power to Be a Profound Contributor

Who am I? This thought might run through your mind when questioning your worth in relation to contributing to the big, scary world. This law informs you about the value of your actions.

You may think what you’re doing doesn’t matter. But your actions are significant and have an impact on the whole of the Universe. You have something to offer that only you can bring to the table. This gives you a stamp of purpose and boost of confidence when you become aware that you have a valuable part to contribute.

With even the smallest act, you are giving life force energy to others because it has the capacity to move them at the core through inspired action. This can make a major difference in another person’s life, helping them in ways you will never know. Your power to affect the whole is quite impactful.

Remember also, to keep your intentions in mind as you get back from something what you are putting forth. With that in mind, you are free to let your light shine! 

Bottom Line

Karma is not out to get you. It’s high time you perceive it as something other than scaring you into being a good person. You can embrace it as intelligence and harnessing your personal power.

Examining each karmic law clues you in to how action works and functions in your life. Karma is action and action is power. You can learn how to use your power effectively and decisively through the techniques of karma.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Marianne Williamson

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