Signs You Are on The Wrong Path in Life

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Life is standardized. You follow all the traditional norms and expectations. But what if you just don’t subscribe to group mentality. Could participation in a one-size fit all lifestyle be signs you are on the wrong path in life?

Perhaps, this just isn’t you. You are feeling a pull to make a change and facing the crossroads of choosing a new path that is more aligned for you.

This is a scary undertaking as you move from what you have known all your life towards the unknown. Thus, stuck in the process of stepping in between two worlds. This is where the struggle kicks in as you grapple in the confusion of whether to hold on or muster up the courage to live an authentic life.

Know the Signs of Walking the Wrong Path

You Feel Lackluster

First things first, your zest for life seems to go out the window. You are no longer excited, and the start of your day becomes a drag. It’s takes great effort to get out of the bed and participate in the monotony that has now become your life.

Things are Getting Quite Stale

You start to wonder if you are actually making progress in your life. But to no avail, stagnation is your new best friend. Change is highly desirable.

You are Aimless

You feel lost and confused not knowing which way is up or which way is down. The direction you are headed in eludes you. You are simply coasting and maintaining the status quo. Being aimless effects your sense of purpose and direction.

You Don’t Know What You Want

You are in a state of uncertainty feeling blocked, scared, or not taking action on your heart’s desires. Creative and alternative solutions to take the next step are not within your thought process.

You are Just Getting By

Existing and surviving are the basics. Go beyond this stage, build upon it, and enjoy life. This is a sure sign you need to be brave enough to challenge yourself.

You Have More Lows Than Highs

Your energy level is constantly depleted. You feel fatigue often. Further depletion occurs when faced with challenges. As a result, you tend to be easily irritated, anxious, or angry.

You Can’t Win

Things frequently go to the left more than what you would like. Your internal world of thoughts, feelings, and desires are misaligned with your external world and actions.

You Opt for Instant Gratification

Self-soothing occurs in unhealthy ways. You are more inclined to do things in excess. Examples of overcompensation include being a shopaholic, workaholic, alcoholic, overeating, etc.

You are Stuck in a Rut

You are unable to leave the things that are draining you like that unhealthy relationship or the job you hate. Simultaneously, the cup is half empty instead of half full. You do not see opportunities within your circumstances that will help to pull you out of the rut.

You Accumulate Regret

Inaction towards your dreams and desires breeds dismay, regret, and a state of cowardness. As time passes by you look back and wish you would have made the change.

Final Thoughts

Expected and so-called normalized ways of life may be signs you are on the wrong path in life. Going along with the crowd leads to a monotonous life with felt consequences. Energy drains when you are not wholly connected.

Acknowledge the signs that are nudging you to muster up the courage to live an authentic life. When you take on your life’s challenge and follow your own path, you can stop struggling against yourself and choose a new path that is more aligned for you.

I’m Dee, writer, tarot consultant, and founder of I work with energy as a certified, intuitive reader. I support you to realign. Become unstuck and back on track.  If you find value in these words, please share, like, and comment!

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