Financial Struggle and a Scarcity Mindset

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You are waiting on your next paycheck, but the money is already spent. You are stressed and exhausted from the worry of it all. What you don’t realize is financial struggle involves the root cause of a scarcity mindset.

What Is a Scarcity Mindset?

A scarcity mindset is a self-limiting belief about your potential. You believe there is simply not enough, and you need more. Your focus is on a lack of something, and this way of thinking is pervasive and disempowering. In addition to finite beliefs, you feel like forces are outside your control and your circumstances are inescapable.

The Stress & Consequences of Carrying a Scarcity Mindset

Effects Your Self Confidence and Mental Health

Money has a strong association to your value and worth and what you believe you can achieve. It is the confidence to affirm, “I believe in myself” and in layman terms, “I can do this.”

With a scarcity mindset, instead of looking for opportunities of improvement, you feel you have reached the limit of your capabilities and there is no way to better your situation. Not believing in yourself robs you of your peace of mind and mental security. Your self-esteem takes a hit when you are not operating at your full potential leaving major aspects of your life unfulfilled.  

Doubt is the root cause of a scarcity mindset

Effects the Quality of Your Lifestyle

Most importantly, being, thinking and feeling broke leads to a poverty lifestyle. Your thoughts translate and create this reality for you. In essence, energy is a currency. When you constantly beat yourself up with negative thinking, your energy is then paid out and reflected in your life experience and circumstances.

 Its operation is within your thinking, leading to the tendency to make bad decisions and mistakes, demonstrate poor habits, and lack of impulse control. You can’t solve problems or reason logically with a clouded thought system. When scarcity is used as a filter for your thoughts, it creates a vibrational match up on the other side. Hence, the quality of your lifestyle is also limited.

Financial struggle strongly linked to a scarcity mindset.

Effects Your Creative Potential

You either create wealth and abundance or negativity and poverty. Which side do you think a scarcity mindset falls on? Where do you think a scarcity mindset will allow you to go?

Mindsets can be used as tools. You have the choice to use better tools and embrace it even if it permits change in small doses. You may think change and abundance comes in a bang. It could. Anything is possible. But in most cases change is gradual and occurs in baby steps.

A shift in your focus to the use of optimism, confidence, hopefulness, and positivity expands your ability to see opportunities. Amazingly instead of thinking what you need to make this or that happen is out there somewhere, you will also be able to recognize resources that are within your reach.

When you are in a space to be open to abundance and take baby steps towards your goals, things no longer feel like forces outside of your control. You increase your creative capacity by utilizing better tools and nix the notion of your present circumstance being inescapable.

Utilize better tools to combat a scarcity mindset

Effects Future Generations

And, finally, your life is not your own. It has a ripple effect among anyone and everyone you come in contact with. You matter. How you conduct your life matters for your growth, your offspring, and your overall contribution to the world and its future inhabitants. Live your full potential. A scarcity mindset has far greater effects than just your finances.

Domino effect of a scarcity mindset

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