How To Say No & Feel Good About It

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You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So, you simply go along with the flow. As a people pleaser, you become everyone’s yes man. But, it’s high time your feelings begin to matter, and you learn how to say no and feel good about it without all the guilt.

Boundaries have considerable value. Boundaries instruct others on how they may interact with you. It has a protective measure that preserves your self-esteem, code of honor, and time.

Here’s some helpful ways to implement boundaries and stop saying yes to everything when you really mean no.

How to stop saying yes and how to say no


No. Followed by silence and a firm stare. Repeat, if necessary.

I’m not doing it.

That’s just not me.

No, thank you. That’s really not my thing.

No, I have no interest in…

I’m going to pass.

I have other plans.

No, I have too much on my plate right now.

No, maybe next time.

You know, it’s just not the right time.

No, followed by your genuine, personal reason.

I’m exhausted.

No, I usually don’t have luck with…

No, I’m swiping to the left. Thank you.

No, I’m saving my coins right now.

Give an alternative solution or resource.

Feel Good About It

When you feel confident enough to give a straightforward no, you realize you don’t have to give a reason. Take it a step further, you don’t owe anybody anything.

If you’ve been there and done that, you know yourself well. Have the courage to resist putting yourself in the same situation.

Knowing yourself well can eliminate the things that are not a good fit for you or not in alignment with your goals. Plain and simple.

If you have a genuine, personal reason, give it. The other party will understand.

Giving an alternative solution or resource feels like a win-win and you don’t feel like you are leaving the requesting party hanging.

If you are sincerely tired, decline, get some rest and sleep it off. The world will keep moving.

Checking your schedule is an easy out. Don’t take on too much.

Bottom Line

In the end, it’s all about respect. Most people will respect your boundaries if you are willing to put them up front. You are responsible for frank communication, and it doesn’t make you a bad person for saying so. Kick the guilt to the side and feel guilt free about saying no.

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