Accepting Your Soul’s Call

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Acknowledging the call to your soul is scary. As you are pulled inward, the process seems confusing and leaves you feeling detached and disconnected to who you thought you were becoming. As you follow the breadcrumbs; however, you come to understand your soul’s call as an invitation exceeding all expectations and best laid plans.  

The connection to your soul is a natural and gradual awakening process encouraging you to live in alignment with your inner truth. When the transformation is underway, your thoughts begin to center on authenticity. You become interested in intimately knowing your true self while simultaneously pondering the big questions of life. 

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What purpose am I here to live out?

It is indeed a personal transformation and individual journey. As such, there’s no roadmap to tell you exactly what to do. Guidance comes from within. Furthermore, connecting with your inner realm can feel like you’re taking on an enormous amount of confusion and uncertainty as you grapple with unknown territory.

Here’s Why

Separation From the Conditioned Self

You no longer believe learned beliefs. You start to question and distance yourself from group mentality. This includes beliefs inherited from family and societal norms which you no longer feel a connection to. It suddenly doesn’t make sense to continue following what has always been done. 

It takes courage to go against the grain. There is strength in numbers and rejecting group ideals can trigger a sense of loneliness during this phase. But maintaining integrity to your inner truth is crucial to establishing personal power. Here, you learn to stand on your own two feet representing your truest self.

The Switch Requires Trust

The moment you decide to embrace this yearning, you make a switch from external guidance and dependence to inner guidance and independence. You are on the road to “Know Thyself.” Here, you learn to trust yourself and honor self-knowledge as the most accurate guidance leading you on a distinct and aligned pathway.   

Truth Requires Action

Being in alignment with your inner truth is a hard pill to swallow because truth prompts action and change. People, in general, do not like change or uncertainty and it takes audacity to step outside of the foundation you have already laid.

Answering your soul’s call is therefore challenging, goes against the grain, and requires immense courage. It is your opportunity to expand your capacity to go beyond anything that your mind can plan. 

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh
You are stronger than you seem when accepting your soul's call.

The Payoff

Initially you may feel off-kilter, but every aha moment and experience of synchronicity is a step closer to deepening your awareness. Your soul is revealed to you in increments. It unfolds slowly and gradual, gentle and subtly.

All signposts lead the way to the steady growth of your personal power. Standing in your truth gives you strength and integrity. It allows your authentic self to shine through and evolve.

Bottom Line

Whether you are pushed or pulled, your soul will unceasingly nudge you to answer the call. It is not easy. But as you face yourself, you enter the possibility of greatness.

Trust and accept your soul’s call as an invitation and allow life NOT to go according to plan; but, to go according to purpose. You will be pleasantly surprised as to where you end up and open to the opportunity of living a more fulfilled life. 

I’m Dee, writer, tarot consultant, and founder of I work with energy as a certified, intuitive reader. I support you to realign. Become unstuck and back on track.  If you find value in these words, please share, like, and comment!

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