Know When You’re on the Right Path in Life

Achieving right path alignment

Is This It?

“Omg, is this it?” Is this what my life is supposed to look like? How do I know when and if I’m on the right path for my life?”

Missing the mark can feel like you’re in an early mid-life crisis. It’s wholly draining when life starts to feel like its fizzling out. Even if you have the upmost gratitude for your life, if there’s no spark, joy, or real connection it starts to feel very mundane and directionless.

Same Stuff, Different Day.

Once you start to take initiative towards the things you believe in; however, you are certainly taking the next step towards thriving once again. Discovering an inkling of joy or passion calibrates you to your unique path and creating the life you want.

But, how do you really know when you are walking down the right path?!  Intuitive hits are a good start. Though, you can do better than thinking and hoping and wishing.

There are surefire signs telling you when you are facing the right direction. Here’s how to know when you are on the right path to achieve the life you desire.

know when you're on the right path.
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Signs You Are on the Right Path

You are Pulled In

Dissatisfaction in your everyday life is the initial spark. It pulls you and prompts you to explore outside of the box. It is the impetus to change.

In this exploratory phase, you try and try again with your most pressing ideas and interests until you attract the right fit. Saying no to the familiar will help to point you towards your new path and ultimately find your way.

This early stage might feel a little uncomfortable and trying. But this is a preliminary sign that you are ready to upgrade your life.

You Say Yes to What You Believe In

As you say no to the familiar and mundane, you start to say yes to the things you most believe in. Passion shines through and you begin to substantiate the things that most move you into your life.

You Do What You Love

As such, you are aligned with your core values. You do what you love. Love is a magnetic and attractive force. When you are aligned, you experience an energetic matchup and start to attract the things that you desire.

You Experience Synchronicity

Psychologist Carl Jung both believed in and coined the phenomenon synchronicity. Described as a meaningful coincidence in which your physical realm synchs and corresponds with your individual psyche.

Perhaps you dream of a ladybug ring and the next day a ladybug happens to cross your path or personal space several times. This is a classic universal sign of alignment to your right path.

Seeing a ladybug is a rare occurrence, by the way. So, if you happen to see one, know that you are blessed with good luck and a symbolic sign confirming your pathway.

You Experience Open Doors

Where there is a will there is a way. Isn’t that how that saying goes. When you are on the right path, things are not just going well. Opportunities come to you to further your progress and journey. You will know you are aligned to the right path in life when doors start to open for you.

You Become Surrounded by Like-Minded People

Like attracts like. You will naturally draw in people that are into the same things you are into. This is mutually beneficial as shared ideas and camaraderie builds strength and newfound realizations.

You are not alone. Like-minded people are included on your pathway.

You Feel Compelled to Keep Going

The right pathway is your soul’s calling, and it will keep nudging you and steering you back. Be it excitement or avoiding your biggest regret, you feel the need to continue.

Your Groundhog days are over as you look forward to fulfilling your purpose. Even if you feel physically exhausted, you’ve got enough fire and desire to want to keep trucking.

You Feel Light-Hearted and Good

Challenges are inevitable. But despite them, you still manage to have fun and enjoy the process, learning the ins and outs of the path laid before you. You develop an abundance mindset, knowing that you have the capacity to crush your goals.

You Can Face Your Fears

Sounds exciting, right? When you are on the right path, your vibration and consciousness rise. As such, feelings of inadequacy and any forms of self-sabotage you harbor also arises. One of the most common being I’m not good enough. Here, you are provided with the opportunity to overcome this falsehood.

“You are not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it.”

Jack Canfield
You Can Feel It

You receive subtle hints and invitations to the right path. But you must also do your part and accept your invitations. Then you can really merge with your chosen path. You start to know it and see it simultaneously.

You may also ask the universe for a sign to confirm the feeling. The universe will respond to your request. If you remain open, you will receive your answer via a conversation with another, a dream, a preferred sign such as feathers or coins, an animal totem, or a synchronized event.  

Final Thoughts

Keep the spark going. Feel confident that you are effectively moving your life in the right direction by recognizing the tell-tell signs. When you respond to your soul’s calling, the opportunity to do what you love and establish your passion is at your fingertips. The universe responds to you with many confirmations. Knowing and understanding when you are on the right pathway helps you to stay aligned, fulfill your purpose, and create the life you want. 

I’m Dee, writer, tarot consultant, and founder of I work with energy as a certified, intuitive reader supporting you to get unstuck and back on track when life knocks you off-course.  If you find value in these words, please share, like, and comment!

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