About This Site

STA is born into this world as a manifestation of spiritual evolution!

Following My Own Path

Growing up, my initial foundation was rooted in religion and our family’s spiritual practice mostly consisted of fierce faith, going to church and prayer.

But, as I matured, I felt a distant gap and disconnection in my approach with the divine.

I began to venture out as a seeker. As an avid reader, I started there. I read books that I felt drawn to and came across my path like The Anatomy of the Spirit, The Power of Now, and the Science of Mind— to name a few.

I proclaimed to my Self, its ok to open to other spiritual practices and doctrine besides the Bible: The Kabbalah, the Qur’an, the Chakra System, Buddhism, Wicca, Yoga, Mystics— simply a different perspective. I now believe the spiritual realm is everywhere and, in all things, and will reach you and I in any possible way.

My belief system also shifted to energy as I sensed there are non-physical forces at work. It really hit home for me in my experience as a nurse. Nurses are trained on physical assessment, but I realized there was more in occurrence than what was physically in front of me. “Can you take my blood pressure?” was just the surface. It was more therapeutic for individuals to have a space to connect with their feelings, thoughts, emotional pain and trauma, baggage from the past, etc. All an imbalance of energy.

My interest in crystals led me into a mystic shop and eventually to my first professional tarot reading. I cried during the session and felt on top of the world. Needless to say, the reading touched a heartstring or two.

With my first tarot deck (Shadowscapes) I remember I was so happy at the thought of having direct access to the spiritual realm, direct answers, and a way to communicate the intangible. For so long I felt I had no control or understanding about what was happening to me. I simply had to accept the hand that was dealt.

It is not until my perspective shifted that I could grasp breadcrumbs and synchronicities; that I could feel my life aligning to my higher self.

This is what pulls me into Tarot the most, the direct connection to divinity and my true self. It has become, for me, a celestial bridge and a rainbow’s arch dipping into the physical while simultaneously reaching into the spiritual realm.

This is my treasure!


My hope is to inspire others to discover their inner landscape as the premier guide to navigate their life’s journey and follow their own path.


I intend to establish Some Tarot Advice as an authentic and trusted source, assisting open-minded individuals to reconnect with perspective, confidence, clarity and matters of the heart.