Right Path Alignment





Direct. Honest. Guidance.

Tarot Consultation. Obtain the information you need to align to success with the tool of Tarot. The Right Path Alignment intuitive reading is ideal for individuals that just need some advice and direction to best align with their life’s path.

Tap into your energetic field to bring awareness and light to your most pressing concerns and worries. The Right Path Alignment tarot reading provides you with insight and enhanced understanding of how energy is at work in your life. Learn how your inner realm of thoughts, feelings, desires and intentions are both surrounding and playing out on your current pathway.

With conscious awareness, you can make aligned choices and transform areas of improvement into allies and strength. Know your next steps and how to best support yourself when facing life’s challenges.

Use This Guidance To:
  • Uncover Blind Spots.
  • Change Your Mindset.
  • Know Your Strengths.
  • Increase Personal Power.
  • Connect With Your True Self.
  • Know What to Improve.
  • Give Yourself Reassurance.
  • Renew Hope.
  • Feel Inspired
  • Embrace Challenges.
  • Align to a Particular Path.
  • Know Your Next Steps.
  • Get Unstuck.
  • Be on Track.
  • Move Forward.

Work with Dee, tarot enthusiast and Certified Tarot Consultant. Get unstuck with Some Tarot Advice & feel restored with Right Path Alignment.

***Please note, your intuitive reading will be delivered via email within 1-3 business days. Enjoy a sacred written space at your own convenience. Allow the guidance revealed to unfold over time with a reference point that is always available to you.