Harvest is the idea of reaping what you sow. There is much talk about setting goals and intentions and the growth of things. Though, the process of reaping is just as important as sowing as a measure of effort and its effectiveness. Being aware and intentional about your efforts is very much linked to achieving your goals and success. 

You are always applying your efforts somewhere to fulfill your heart’s desires. Take it one step further and measure your return on investment. For this concept of return on investments is not only for financial endeavors; its application is also across the board within every pursuit, every effort.

This is what fall potential is all about. The season for taking inventory of your harvest and progress. Here are some key inquiries to get your brain started:

  • What are you currently reaping from all the effort you have put forward this year?
  • What’s working and not working for you?
  • How can you use this knowledge towards your overall maturity and evolution?

How do you know what is working for you?

Begin with Your Definition of Success

This is an important first step to identify what you are working towards and desire to both undertake and accomplish in your life. It offers a baseline and reference point so you may look back and say, “I did it!”

Climbing the “success ladder” or simply accomplishing your goals is different for everyone and thus may require some self-reflection on your part. One person’s desire may be for physical fitness, another person may envision being the CEO of a company, and yet another may want to start a non-profit organization. Following your own path ensures authentic fulfillment and enjoyment that will work for you and become everlasting.

Measure Your Progress

Realizing your goals is the objective. But, getting from here to there involves measuring your efforts and tracking your progress. Most people do not reach their goals from lack of consistent action. Simply focusing on progress is your guarantee to consistency and puts you closer to the goal line. Here’s the secret: making progress is success.

When you participate in tracking your progress, you gather evidence that your efforts are yielding results and working for you. On the flipside, you also have access to what is not effective for you. With this knowledge, you can adjust accordingly and keep yourself on the right path.

See the Difference. Feel the Difference.

Ultimately, you are the expert of your life experience. You can feel the difference and recognize the change within yourself or external environment. Things are no longer the same because you have successfully changed direction from the status quo through consistent progress, small steps, and action. You are in tune with what is working for you and know that you are capable of producing results.

How do you know what is NOT working for you?

Goals Unaccomplished

You find yourself back at square one. How did I get here? Again. You realize you are not moving forward in life and feel stagnant and stuck. Your awareness at this point is noticing your in the same spot, situation, condition, and/or circumstances. Case in point: defining your definition of success and the goals surrounding that success helps you to move towards your new desired position or situation.

You Know You Need to Make a Change

Be it internal or external, you may also need to adjust your efforts or build character. Perhaps you could use a dose of motivation, self-discipline, or organization. Perhaps you know you’re at a dead-end job. These gut feelings are showing up for you as motivation.

Same Mistakes

Redefine your understanding of mistakes. These are opportunities to learn the way not to go. When you consciously use mishaps as your ally, you can choose another way to receive better results from your effort and ultimately your return on investment .

10 Tools to Help You Measure Your Progress & Get from Point A to Point B

  1. A Tarot Reading

Awareness leads to choice. A tarot reading can help you to be in tune with what is working for you by obtaining the knowledge you need to actively create the future you desire. Get Sometarotadvice.

2. Bullet Journaling

Read about Bullet Journaling here

3. Journal Logs

Be it food, workouts, or staying consistent with any goal, dedicate a journal for your specific objective and log your progress.

4. Milestone Pictures.

Yah to fun!

5. SMART Goals

Discover how these goals can make you more focused here

6. Ask for feedback.

Constructive Criticism helps you to better construct the road to success.

7. Keep it old school with Spreadsheets, Graphs, Charts

8. Smartphone Apps

9. Check-Ins: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual

10. The Seinfeld Calendar Strategy

Read more here

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