Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a divination and guidance tool used to gain awareness and insight into any area of life. This information is valuable for clarification, understanding, solving problems and making the necessary changes to transform one’s life.

How does Tarot work?

Similar to the law of attraction, cards present themselves according to universal energy. Like energy will attract like energy due to the same vibrational frequency. With the permission of the querent, the reader can tap into an individual’s energetic field, using the cards as a tool to transfer or make known intangible energy.

Are readings accurate?

Tarot readings are pretty on point in terms of reading the energy of the situation. This includes universal archetypes and patterns. Details are specific to the individual and may vary but the primary principals will apply to the experience. That being said, be mindful and continue to work with the energy and knowledge provided while simultaneously taking note of events and details as they occur. Then, you can track evidence and judge the reading for yourself.

Are tarot cards evil or dangerous?

The use of tools has the potential for both benefit and harm. Think of a knife as an example. The answer to this question lies in the heart and intention of the user. In my experience, do no harm holds significance in my practice and readings, especially when delivering honesty. Luckily, we can all exercise free will and know that a thing produces effects only if you give it power to do so.

What questions can I ask the cards?

Open ended questions are the best to form powerful questions and give direction when using Tarot. These are questions that begin with What, How or Why. In addition, questions can be formulated for any topic or area of life including: career, love & relationships, soul purpose, shadow work, mommy guilt, life transitions, making decisions, problem solving, etc. The list can and does go on & on! Please also view the Code of Ethics located on this FAQ page.

Can you tell me my future?

Many people automatically associate all divination practices to a crystal ball that predicts your untimely fate. The future for everyone is ever evolving and based on the choices you make in the present moment. Thus, it is always subjected to change. Tarot will showcase the likely future solely based on the actions of today. The existent possibilities are available to you if you continue down the same path. Alternatively, should you make the slightest change, you have the power to change outcomes or the illusion of fate.

All this talk about energy…. What is energy?

Energy is universal life force in all of existence, applicable to all cases, people and things. It is a term that refers to our awareness, level of consciousness, and state of being. This force or power is non-physical, intangible, unseen, infinite, eternal, in constant movement or vibration and pregnant with potential and possibility. A powerful example is love, which is known through expression. When we work with energy, we move towards our higher selves and path of evolution.

What experience can I expect with a tarot reading via Some Tarot Advice?

My Commitment:

∞ As a tarot reader, I will show up for the client fully present and clear with professionalism and integrity.
∞ Please note, the tarot experience is a collaborative process in which the reader and client work together.

Your Commitment:

∞ Come with an open mind and willingness to receive the insight provided.
∞ Come prepared with an open-ended question specific to you that begins with what, how or why to direct the reading.

My Services:

∞ I will provide you with an intuitive tarot reading by tapping into the current energy of the situation or concern. I will not provide predictive readings with specific timeframes.
∞ I am honored to support you in understanding your current life path and uncover the highest good in the experience.
∞ I can assist you in forming a powerful question to direct the reading.
∞ I will collaborate with you to customize the reading to meet your needs and/or goals.

Session: (What to expect)

∞ Complete the Welcome Survey/Client Intake Form to ensure a smooth tarot experience.
∞ I will collaborate with you to form a powerful question and/or custom spread for your inquiry, if applicable.
∞ If the question(s) resonate with you, give your consent to proceed with the reading.
∞ I will send confirmation that the reading is in process.
∞ I will create sacred space on behalf of you that may include prayer, meditation, deep breathing exercises, crystals, aromatherapy, candles, incense, oracle cards, symbolic colors and/or items to amplify the energy of the reading.
∞ When you receive the reading, clear your mind, and take a few deep breaths to embrace and receive the message.
∞ Have an open mind as you take in your tarot reading.

Can I view a sample reading?

Click on the link below to view a sample reading from our 1:1 tarot package.

When will I receive my tarot reading?

Tarot readings are delivered within 3 business days. Please allow time for this process to unfold and the reading to be crafted. Each reading requires a significant amount of focus, time and energy.

What is your tarot reading style?

I am an intuitive, professional tarot reader picking up on the energy and flow of the cards. Readings are forthright and inclusive of truth and compassion. I do not identify as psychic. I do not predict timeframes.

What is your Code of Ethics?

∞ I am honored to support my clients in understanding their life path and to uncover their highest good in all experiences.

∞ I will respect my client’s trust and willingness to be vulnerable. I will protect my client’s personal data and information with privacy and confidentiality.

∞ I will offer honest and transparent readings for the betterment of my client’s highest good.

∞ I will hold a safe space of compassion and nonjudgement for my clients to collaborate openly.

∞ I honor the adage, “Live and Let Live”. To respect everyone’s privacy, I will not read on a third party or interfere with others’ energy. (i.e., I want to know if John will…) I will work with my client to rephrase the question and make the reading specific to the client.

∞ I will provide tarot readings for adults, ages 18 & up.

∞ I will encourage the client to seek professional advice in any area in which I do not qualify. (i.e., medical, mental health, financial, legal)

∞ I will allow my clients to accept responsibility for their actions, choices, free will, and power following a tarot reading.

∞ I reserve the right to refuse a reading when the reader and client’s energy are not in alignment or for any reason deemed inappropriate. This includes disrespect, rudeness, clients under the influence, hostility or aggressiveness, etc.

What is your refund policy?

If the reader and client cannot come to an agreement on the content of the tarot questions and/or spread, the client’s money will be refunded, as no tarot reading will take place.

All sales are final once the client agrees to the tarot reading questions and/or spread. The reader must be compensated for time and energy. The client is responsible for processing information. Please contact the reader if clarification is needed for the paid reading. Additional questions will require additional paid readings.

Refunds are also null and void if there is no response from the client within 14 days after payment. It is the responsibility of the client to be vigilant of email and/or spam/junk mail.

Why are only email readings offered?

Email readings offer the benefits of convenience and confidentiality for the client. It also provides a reference to view at any time. Guidance may be digested over time as life and experience simultaneously unfolds. The opportunity to work with energy is readily available to the client as a written sacred space.