Spiritual Meaning of Autumn: Letting Things Go

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As the long days of flip flops and perfect beach weather comes to an end, we begin to move into the in-between and transition to the equinox of the fall season. September 22 marks the first day of fall in the northern hemisphere, the embrace of less intense days and cooler nights, the stunning transition of fall leaves, and layering up with sweaters and scarves.

If you’re paying attention, the interaction of the sun’s light and earth’s orbit is also a significant spiritual event of balancing the light and darkness which corresponds to the cycles of life. These cycles being periods of growth, harvest, death, and rebirth.

What Is The Significance of Fall

As a period of harvest, autumn is a time for you to gather and reap the consequences of efforts and intentions sewn prior in the year. You can appreciate the productivity expended within the warmer months of spring and summer and express gratitude for all that you were able to achieve.

The natural rhythm inherit within nature teaches you to emulate the intelligence of the universe. That is, the ability to change energy and permit what was once so full of life to fall away, especially when it no longer serves you. For impermanence is the name of the game and included in the process of creation and manifestation alike.

“For a conscious being, to exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

 — Henri-Louis Bergson

When you participate in all this season has to offer, you can empty yourself of anything holding you back from your full potential like limiting beliefs, outdated mindsets, and things that no longer work for you. Use the energy of this season to let it all fall away. It’s the equivalent of clearing clutter to make space for new possibilities. As such, being in alignment with natural processes, you will be on your way to creating new pathways for your life’s experience.

Simultaneously, this is also prep time for the arrival of those long, cold nights and expanded darkness. Physically embracing the impending darkness in the external world prepares us to embrace the darkness within or our shadow side. Since you have done the work of emptying yourself during the fall season, you will be prepared to fully rest, reflect, and plan for renewal and rebirth once again.

What’s going on around you in nature is also occurring within. Recognizing this, you can begin to “embrace your whole human experience as divine and healing.”

“We begin to
embrace our whole human experience as divine and healing,
not just those moments when we are shining our light.”
—Charlotte Elea’s “The Real Spiritual Meaning of Darkness”

How you can you allow what no longer serves you to fall away

  1. Replace it, it’s sapping your energy.

Whatever the “it” is drains you of your juju, your mojo, and zest for life. If it no longer brings you joy or moves you with inspiration, it’s time to replace it with something that does. Lack of delight and interest is a sure sign you are already detached.

2. It’s clearly holding you back.

How do you know when something is holding you back? You feel resistance to the desires of your heart. If things were flowing, you would just do it, right? Instead, you entertain all this mind chatter of doubts, uncertainty, and fear.

To reach your full potential and drop the deterrents, pull yourself to the other side courtesy of the law of polarity. Do the opposite. For example, allow doubt to fall away by building up your confidence and trusting in the strengths that you already possess.

3. It’s no longer working.

You know the saying. The one about doing the same things and your efforts are ineffective. Possibilities are endless; therefore, potential outcomes are infinite. If its not working for you, try something new. Drop the old, in with the new. Trial and error. (etcetera, etcetera)

Autumn is the time to appreciate your harvest while simultaneously letting go. Be in tune with the larger forces at work and become aware of those things that are tying you down. Take advantage of the fall season and permit the fall of what no longer serves you.

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